Lollywood Actress Meera Scandal Video With Captain Naveed

Lahore: Meera is in trouble. Every one knows very well about Meera, in reference to her awesome and most famous “English-Skills”. Yesterday Meera’s secret marriage scandal and a controversial videos had been published on different websites.

It is reported that Miss English Meera’s father-in-law Raja Khalid Pervez has confirmed that the marriage ceremony was held in New York, in the month of October of previous year 2013. Without mentioning the exact and specific dates, he said that the RUKHSATI of Meera had been scheduled. At the same time he also said that marriage of Meera with his son Capt.

Naveed was a secret because of Meera. She has been demanded about her marriage secret that’s why they kept as a secret that news. Meanwhile a video stir the controversy among social media users in which Meera can be seen with her boyfriend expressing her relationship with the guy. We don’t know either that video is real or not but there is a video which is showing all about their activities.

Meera Scandal

I have seen that video and i personally nothing found anything wrong in that video, i don’t know why this news got fame in public and has become the headline of every news channel.

From other news websites it is reported that the video showing conversation between Meera and the guy who explaining their relations, Meera’s eating habit and much more in a naughty-tone. But the truth level of this statement is doubtful. Video contents are as given below. One dialogue of that video is “I ask to everyone be safe from this made woman” a guy in the video saying this, said by a news reporter.

While Meera replied on the issue and said that the video is fabricated and declared it an attempt to damage her hospital-project.

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