Khawaja Asif and Kashmala Tariq Got Married

Islamabad: It is reported that members of national assembly congratulated to Khawaja Asif on getting news about his marriage with Kashmala Tariq. Source said that Kashmala Tariq and Khawaja Asif has got married.

khawaja asif and Kshmala Tariq

After a long period of time when Khawaja Asif, Minister of Water and Power and Minister of Defense, went to Assembly Hall. He faced the voice of many National Assembly members who were saying “congrats, congrats”. Actually they were congratulating him on his marriage with Kashmala Tariq. Khawaja Asif react positively, smiled and move to the sitting place. The truthness of this news is sure. Either its is true or not, not confirmed yet. Lets see what will happen next.

khawaja asif shadi

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