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Get/Check GAT V Result Online: Test Held On 6th October, 2013

GAT V test was held on 6th October, 2013. It is a graduate assessment test which is necessary to clear with minimum score 50/100 for admission in M.S (Hons)/M.Phil.  Each year National Testing Service (NTS) takes 4-5 GAT test to facilitate the students. So by attempting these chances almost each and every student clear his/her GAT test easily. If you score above 70/100 than it is chance for you that you may get indigenous scholarship in M.S Hons/M.Phil from HEC, and if you able to score more than 82/100 in test than here will be chance for you to go abroad for study by HEC at full scholarship.

GAT Result 2013

Because GAT V tast was held on 6th October 2013, so NTS will takes some days for checking all the papers. The result will be announced after 4-7 days from the date, test was held. It is expected that result will be announced between 10th October to 15th October 2013.

Note: Result has announced

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