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Torrent file of WAAR has been uploaded. A great success by Pakistani film industry. “Waar” was released on this Eid-ul-Adha 2013. It breaks many records and did a record business. Movie broke the 1st week revenue records if we compare it with Boss by Akshay and Channai Express by Sharukh Khan.

Waar 2013

WAAR movie on ARY Digital

All Parts Recording

Date: 14th August, 2014

Time: 08:00 PM

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Waar “A Pakistani Movie” did business of Rs. 70 million (7.1 Carores) in its first 5 days while Boss did business of only 20.6 million. In short we may say that Waar was the biggest scorer in terms of box office this Eid, followed by Boss and some smaller local films. Download Link for full Waar movie will be provided as soon as possible. “WAAR” has reached an 8.3 rating on IMDB! in the record of new figure the movie is now released in 20 countries with more than 21 thousand votes and the rating is still 9.2 a hole year later. Torrent file could not uploaded till now. You may visit our other pages for entertainment and information. Thank You

WAAR movie on ARY Digital

All Parts Recording


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  1. liza Reply

    Where is the link?

    • ali raza Reply

      hallo g kia hall ahi ap ka………….

    • M.Ashraf_F Reply

      Yaar yah movie kayse download ho gi mugh say to nahi ho rahi…?

  2. Dr. Safdar Bouk Reply

    It also broke the IMDB Rating Record, which is 9.2
    Excellent Work.

    • Adnan Khan Reply

      Yes, Highest rated movie Ever, Only two Hollywood movies hve 9.2, there’s no indian film with 9.0 on imdb. . . and waar 9.2……. proud to b a pakistani

      • jaaml Reply

        brother imdb depends on releases country thats y its in 9.2 because of low budget and releases in just in pakistan when it releases out side the pakistan i means england usa then it’s rating definatily downs but its very gud movie

        • Adnan Khan Reply

          So what my friend… i think waar is one of the best film.. but still not available on Torrent or others sites…. sad

          • vishal

            why it is not avaialable on torrent

      • umar Reply

        my dear friend IMDb ratings depends on Viewers and critics comments but in Waar case only 6 critics rate this movie but in case of hollywood and bollywood movies there are many critics to reviews and rate those films thats why there ratings are original as compare to Waar

        • lumière Reply

          wow… everybodys critic 😐

      • Shammi Reply

        brother, this movie released only in Pak and only Pakies watched this movie so it got 9.2 rating by pak audience only. If it was released worldwide then it would not get 9 rating, anyways good movie.

  3. FURQAN ZIa JUTT Reply

    where is the link to download the torrent..

  4. Sabi Reply

    Reaching at the top is easier, remaining there is the difficult part.

  5. Omii Reply

    W A A R 2013

  6. Amir Muhammad Reply

    this mother fucker gives us lone with 8% sud. we don’t accept this

  7. nasir Reply

    waar movie torrent pe hai

    • Fatima Reply

      Nzr to kahin nahi aa rahi..

  8. Basit Butt Reply

    @nasir…yaar agr h to plzzz link share kro na

    • ahmad raza Reply

      plz send me also that link

  9. waqqas Reply

    bkwas film hy. just paisy say payar kerny walay pakistani media

    • Dani Reply

      plz send me link to download WAAR film

    • neha Reply

      plz send me a link ap ny kaha se download ki hai plz tell me

  10. MAlik Asif Reply

    indians ko acha nahi laga ,,,

  11. Afridkhan Reply

    I understand about waar is great pakistani movie, but here is avilable

  12. shakeel raja Reply

    plz any1 snd me kindly the link of ths movie…….

  13. binyamin ranjha Reply

    ny mil rahi ye movie torrent py

  14. wajid khan Reply

    Proud To be a Pakistani,, It is the great movie ever by Pakistan..



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