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Malala a swat valley girl of Pakistan. She wrote a full story of his life. What she wrote in her book? What she want to be? and what happend with her? What was she doing there in Swat valley and how she shoted? Who is Malala? What about her family? What her father do? Why taliban shoted her? A story of Three? Answers of all these questions and those who have in your mind has been given in newly written book named “I AM MALALA, THE GIRL WHO STOOD UP FOR EDUCATION AND WAS SHOT BY THE TALIBAN”

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…, WHEN I WAS born, people in our village commiserated with my mother and nobody congratulated my father. I arrived at dawn as the last star blinked out. We Pashtuns see this as an auspicious sign. My father didn’t have any money for the hospital or for a midwife so a neighbour helped at my birth. My parents’ first child was stillborn but I popped out kicking and screaming. I was a girl in a land where rifles are fired in celebration of a son, while daughters are hidden away behind a curtain, their role in life simply to prepare food and give birth to children. For most Pashtuns it’s a gloomy day when a daughter is born. My father’s cousin Jehan Sher Khan Yousafzai was one of the few who came to celebrate my birth and even gave a handsome gift of money. Yet, he brought with him a vast family tree of our clan, the Dalokhel Yousafzai, going right back to my great-great-grandfather and showing only the male line. My father, Ziauddin, is different from most Pashtun men. He took the tree, drew a line like a lollipop from his name and at the end of it he wrote, ‘Malala’. His cousin laughed in astonishment. My father didn’t care. He says he looked into my eyes after I was born and fell in love. He told people, ‘I know there is something different about this child.’ He even asked friends to throw dried fruits, sweets and coins into my cradle, something we usually only do for boys . . . continue

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  1. Tariq Reply

    I am really amused how west created an angel and now that angel lost its basic attribute and instead of helping his fellow country people.She became a stub burn critic of our core values.Well this is a very filthy act of becoming the best seller.Please Please Do not Support her cause.There is no need to make this take of town. We are indirectly supporting the so called ANGEL. Remember you will get dirt the pig shall be enjoying every bit of filth.

    • Janu Reply

      I will just say that she is anti Muslim agent

  2. Ali Reply

    This is totally a fake story by a bloody bitch…Pakistan don’t need girls like you.. Arifa Karim is the heroine of Pakistan…Go and fuck your self MALALA …Your dad is the best dog in the world…Fucking bloody family

  3. robz ash Reply

    Huh!!!!!! Hippocratic girl!!!! Anti-islam n anti-pak bitch!!!
    Seems so funny that MALALA a matriculate stood for.
    education???? R heroes r not duffers like this stupid
    moron!!! Arfa n afia r our heroes!!!!
    Malala u r a piece of shit n.filth..stay away from pakistan
    Stay abroad bcuz all the filth n dirt finds home. there ..
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    • atif Reply

      yes i agree with you finally

  4. anila satti Reply

    drama queen i wanna kill her

  5. shahid Reply

    GOD be with you,

  6. hayat kakar Reply

    i proud of you malala yousafzai .

  7. M Ali Khan Reply

    I guess Pakistan is populated with “parhey likhay jahils” given the scorn Malala gets from idiots living in urban Punjab

  8. imran khan Reply

    u are a bunch of intellectually dishonest & corrupt nation….Malala is a symbol of our resistance to the dark forces imposed upon us by those coward war-mongers who earn from war…..she is our Tigress,Pashtns’ Tigress ….We are proud of her….we know ur ass burns with her success because her success is your shame,your defeat.

  9. tabassiya taskeen Reply

    i proud of you

  10. tabassiya taskeen Reply

    i proud of you


    Daughter of ISLAM and PASHOONS, proud of you,

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