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Basant in Changa Manga for Lahore Youth Festival 2014

Lahore: In upcoming few weeks Basant festival will be celebrated in Lahore. On December 22, 2013 it is said by Hamza Shahbaz Sharif (Member National Assembly) that all the parts of festivals, like Basant, are included in Punjab Youth Festival 2014. Punjab Youth Festival ceremony was held in Lahore and at that time it was decided about Basant in Changa Manga.Lahore-Basant-Festival-in-Lahore

All the sports authorities were present at Punjab Sports Board gymnasium. Kite-flying event known as Basant, in Pakistan and India, will be celebrated at Changa Manga Jungal for the spring festival. Th event will continue for seven days. Special trains will pick the youth from Lahore and drop them at Changa Manga Forest, near Kasur. It is also proposed and thought that Jallo Park, Lahore will be another spot for kite flying event. Lets see what happend and enjoy with Hamza Shahbaz Sharif.

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