Barack and Michelle Obama are Going to Divorce

London: A Silent separation is going to be occurred in the president of United States of America, Barack Obama, and her wife Michelle Obama.

It is reported by English newspaper that a silent separation has been happened in most popular couple of the world. It is also reported by Newspaper that the married life of Barack Obama has been ended. Both of them lived for 21 year with each other in holding the relation of marriage. After the end of the presidential duration Barack Obama will go back to his home town “Hawaii” and his wife Michelle will stay in Washington with her daughters. Why this is going to be happened so?

Actually the reason behind the separation is just a single picture. It is reported by an American person and also confirmed by English Newspaper that the wife of Mr. Barack Obama, Michelle angry with her husband when Mr. Barack Obama made a snap shot with the Prime Minister of Denmark. From that day, both of them are living separately in separate rooms of White House.

Michelle Obama Reaction To ImageDaily Mail UK has also been reported that there has been a silent separation between Michelle and President Obama. Further that, all the given story has been issued by Daily Mail UK. But it must be noted that there has not been any official statement from either of them about their separation. I am repeating and keep in mind that There is no official confirmation to the rumors.


According to some reports in Russia and the United States, Barack and Michelle Obama are going through a severe marital crisis, which reached its peak after distorted photographs were taken of Obama with the head of the Danish government during the memorial ceremony of Nelson Mandela. There is no official confirmation to the rumors.

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